fidel fidel Director
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_00_24_15.Still017
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_00_27_08.Still018
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_00_40_12.Still022
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_00_51_06.Still025
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_01_55_03.Still040
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_01_57_04.Still042
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_02_02_10.Still043
Jim Legxacy 'Candy Reign'.00_02_15_23.Still045

Directed and Produced by fidel
Director of Photography, Alex Stanley-Ruthven
1st AC Arthur Attenborough
Cut and Colour by fidel
Production Assistant Holly Newman

Special Thanks to Studio Yes and Zoƫ Waller